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A Prayer for the Dying - aka Rugaciune pentru un muribund (1987)

  Genre: Action

Director: Mike Hodges
Writers: Jack Higgins, Edmund Ward and Martin Lynch
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Bob Hoskins, Alan Bates, Liam Neeson, Sammi Davis, Alison Doody & more
Release Date: 11 September 1987 (USA)
User Rating: 6,3/10

Review: "Fine character portrayals by Rourke, Hoskins, Davis and Bates. If you don't generally think highly of him, don't be put off by Rourke starring; he shines in this ensemble piece . If you only think of Hoskins as a humorous figure, see this movie for a new perspective.
The plot is dark; the pace, at times, deliberate, but it maintains its intensity well, for most of the film, through to its satisfying, if somewhat abrupt, conclusion. Recommended."
Written by Don Miller (

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